PHC Technician

The PHC technician certificate training program will help you verify that your employees understand technical concepts required to provide plant health care services.

PHC Technician program builds on ­material presented in Tree Care Specialist and includes site mapping, advanced soil management, tree fertilization and nutrition applications, pesticide selection and application, IPM concepts, bio-controls and organic tree care concepts.

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2019 PHC Workshops

Join industry experts for a full-day workshop that combines all aspects of Plant Health Care (PHC) for both technicians and managers, as well as live demonstrations of PHC techniques. 

PHC services are based on combining the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with proactive tree care management. Novices will learn about PHC concepts and methods, while managers can compare and evaluate their company’s PHC program against the latest industry recommendations 

2019 PHC workshops are made possibly by the following partners:

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