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  • ASTI grant application deadline August 15th 

    7/11/2017 - The Arborist Safety Training Institute (ASTI) is a program launched by the Tree Care Industry Association Foundation (TCIAF) in 2013 in an effort to bring affordable safety training and educational opportunities to tree care companies across the coun
  • Safety is a Mindset 

    6/14/2017 - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, 4,821 people – more than 13 per day – died while doing their jobs. In 2016 alone,
  • No Shortage of Acronyms in the TCI 

    6/7/2017 - Oftentimes I have found it annoying when people “belt out” acronyms assuming we all should know what they stand for.
  • Cracks Can Cause Hazards in Trees 

    5/2/2017 - Tree failure is a major cause of property damage, especially after high winds. If the wind is strong enough, even healthy trees can be uprooted or broken.
  • Don’t Use Climbing Spikes When Pruning Trees 

    5/2/2017 - Climbing spikes are sharpened steel spikes attached to the climber’s leg by leather straps and padded supports. A tree worker should only use them to access trees being removed.
  • Tree Care Related Incidents in 2016 

    5/2/2017 - TCIA learned of 153 tree care-related occupational incidents * in calendar year 2016. Ninety-two of them were fatal. This report provides what we know about these incidents from the media accounts.
  • The Legacy of Engagement 

    1/17/2017 - When people speak of my paternal grandfather, Michael Carbonara, they mention two things: his generosity, and his garden.
  • How to Remain Relevant 

    1/4/2017 - Whether you own a company or work for one, we all want to be important to our constituents.
  • Tree Pruning to ANSI Standards 

    12/28/2016 - Winter is an excellent time to prune dead and hazardous branches out of trees, according to tree care experts.
  • Drones and Tree Care: Right for Your Operation? 

    3/17/2017 - One important thing to keep in mind while researching drones for your operation: the speed at which changes are taking place in the industry is dizzying, similar to the personal computer and smartphone revolutions.
  • Win an Apple Watch at TCI EXPO 

    11/10/2016 - Are you planning to go to TCI EXPO 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland, November 10-12? Whether you’re an attendee or an exhibitor, you’ll want to download the official TCI EXPO app to make the most of your conference experience.
  • The Fun Never Stops at TCI EXPO 2016 in Baltimore 

    11/2/2016 - TCI EXPO 2016, which is heading to Baltimore next month, is the perfect time to take advantage of 85+ hours of tree care education, visit hundreds of exhibitors, and network with thousands of like-minded tree care professionals from around the world.
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