Small Sidebar Ad (250x150)
Small Sidebar Ad (250x150)
Purchasing 4,000 impressions (or views of your ad) online gives you peace of mind knowing exactly how many tree care industry professionals will see your ad.

The small sidebar advertisement gives you ROS (run of site) placement on the TCI Magazine website, meaning no matter where the user navigates, your brand will be visible.
Plus, you have the ability to purchase a follow up campaign with just a couple clicks of your mouse!

The advertiser warrants that no material provided for advertisement is unauthorized or infringes on copyright or other rights of third parties, that no material submitted is defamatory, and the advertiser agrees to defend and hold TCIA harmless from all claims, demands and/or litigation directly or indirectly related to improper or unauthorized use of any photograph, drawing, likeness, name, logo, trademark, representation, or any other material provided in any advertisement. Products and services advertised by external organizations are in no way endorsed by TCIA.

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