Tree Care Specialist - English
Tree Care Specialist - English
TCIA’s Tree Care Academy Tree Care Specialist program is an advanced training module that builds on material presented in Tree Climber Specialist and Ground Operations Specialist, resulting in an enhanced knowledge in tree-care management practices.

The course covers:
• Safety
• Tree Biology
• Pruning
• Transplanting
• Fertilizing
• Cabling and bracing
• Lightning protection
• Plant health care
The Tree Care Specialist training program manual is available in English and Spanish.

13.25 ISA CEUs

• All tests are now online, paper tests are no longer accepted. Everyone completing an online test must have their own unique email address (NOT a shared company email) to participate and receive an individualized certificate upon completion.
• Due to the new assignment process for programs, all orders should only contain courses for your own company’s employees. We cannot support courses purchased for other company employees. All orders are now connected electronically to your TCIA account and can only be assigned to employees associated with your company.
• As the purchaser, you will receive an email at the time of purchase with TCIA Product Purchase Info in the subject line which contains instructions on how to assign the course to an individual within your company.

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