Tree Care Academy SRT Climber Manual Only
Tree Care Academy SRT Climber Manual Only
SRT Climber is a Tree Care Academy module that examines safe and efficient methods of work positioning through the tree on a stationary rope. Main topics of learning include anchoring, support points, redirecting the climbing line and vector forces as applied to tree strength for climbing. SRT equipment selections based on rope compatibility are emphasized. Pre-requisite.

This certificate program makes OSHA and ANSI-required employee training easy to implement and verify. TCIA provides support, testing and transcript administration. The course can be used to help you qualify employees according to OSHA and ANSI Z133.1 guidelines. Designed to be used in conjunction with on-the-job training. The course offer a means of readying employees for advancement. Fill out the competency checklist as the SRT Climber student progresses through the training to verify and document the skills needed to work safely. This credentialing program comes with a manual, test, Certificate of Completion, patch, and helmet decal.

2.25 ISA CEUs
2.25 CTSP CEUs
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