Plant Health Care Technician with Flash Drive Component
Plant Health Care Technician with Flash Drive Component
TCIA’s Tree Care Academy PHC Technician program builds on material presented in Tree Care Specialist and includes site mapping, advanced soil management, tree fertilization and nutrition applications, pesticide selection and application, integrated pest management (IPM) concepts, bio-controls and organic tree care concepts.

The course covers:
• Plant Health Care concepts
• Nutrition
• Soil Management
• Biotic and abiotic diagnosis
• Fertilization
• Pest ID & Controls
Flash Drive Component contain downloadable and printable resources.
The Plant Health Care Technician training program manual is only available in English.
Mike Raupp’s Managing Insect and Mites on Woody Plants: an IPM Approach guidebook is a strongly recommended companion reference for the PHC technician manual.

20.25 ISA CEUs
2.25 CTSP CEUs

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