Tailgate Safety Program 7th edition
Tailgate Safety Program 7th edition
Tailgate Safety, the go-to manual for job site safety meetings, has been updated and expanded for 2018! This convenient, on-the-job safety training program requires minimal time but delivers maximum benefit. One hundred brief lessons use simple props. Endorsed by experts, Tailgate Safety has been updated and reorganized to maximize ease of use. OSHA requires employers to provide safety training. This is a great tool for your required training. It's flexible; delivering the lessons you need, when you need them. It's cost-effective; one program covers any number of employees. It's comprehensive, with 100 different sessions to choose from. With this 7th edition you get more for your money - 100 sessions for the same low price as the previous version’s was 85 sessions. You get content that keeps pace with technology, including: coverage of Cranes, Comm Helmet Use, Compact Lifts, etc. as well as new concepts in safety like: Personal Safety & Active Caring, the Hazards of Inexperience, etc. You get online support through the Tailgate Users’ Group. Up to three registered users from your organization can view/download session handouts, quizzes and other resources; read other Tailgate Users’ comments; even find short topical videos to support their training Finally, trainers and trainees get credit for using Tailgate - ISA certified arborists earn up to 29.5 CEUs, and CTSPs who conduct training using Tailgate earn up to 75 CEUs!
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