Webinar - Surviving and Thriving in Today's Changed Economy
Webinar - Surviving and Thriving in Today's Changed Economy
The economic downturn is hitting small businesses hard. But is there a silver lining? What can you do today to help your business prosper? You can start by thinking strategically!

This webinar will begin with an economic status update; a reality check. There's some bad news. And we'll also discuss some good news because there is some good news that is overlooked by the sensationalistic media.

A business is made up of many functions: management, marketing, finance, human resources, operations, etc.

Management must develop strategies and tactics that are effective. Do you need more revenue? We will discuss marketing strategies and tactics that will lead to increased sales and profits.

Having a financial strategy is imperative for growth. If you're not paying close attention to how your revenue relates to all of your expenses how can you manage your business effectively? There are a lot of warning signs in the numbers and management had better pay close attention, especially in these difficult times. And if things aren't going well as planned, it is wise to get help before an emergency strikes.
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