Webinar - SRT: Half the Rope, Twice as Easy
Webinar - SRT:  Half the Rope, Twice as Easy
Arborists have traditionally climbed using a system that is unique in the rope access world. The rope moves while the climber moves. This has served tree climbers well and will continue to work for a lot of climbers. By adapting climbing systems and protocols from other rope access disciplines like caving, rescue and industrial rope-access work arborists have found the ease and safety of Single Rope Technique/SRT.

Learn about the ease and safety of SRT starting with setting a line, choosing a proper tie in point, anchoring the climbing system so that there is a built-in ground based rescue potential and choice of equipment. SRT is becoming a standard climbing system for arborists but will have some unique aspects that will separate it from other rope access techniques. Learn how to move into the future of tree climbing by using half the rope and having twice the fun!
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