Webinar - Use Social Media to Build a Friendlier Business
Webinar -  Use Social Media to Build a Friendlier Business
Presented by Jeff Korhan, MBA

Customer service is moving online, and that means social media is no longer optional for businesses. The social web gives consumers a voice and exceptional leverage in a business environment where quality and competitive pricing are expected. Learn how to participate in the conversation and manage it well to create sustainable opportunities for business growth.

-Buyers are hungry for information to solve common problems. Learn how to combine your expertise with social media practices to better serve your customers and attract new business.

-The key to any form of social interaction is being a good listener. Learn how to use social media monitoring to understand and respond to the needs of your customers and prospects.

-It's better to be the best connected than the most connected. Learn how to strategically use your social media channels to personalize your business and encourage engagement with current and future customers.
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