Webinar - Increase Referrals and Grow your Business Webinar
Webinar - Increase Referrals and Grow your Business Webinar
A process for increasing sales and dramatically growing your business by referral. In this info-packed webinar, you will learn a step-by-step process to grow your business by referral: how to ask for, reward, cultivate and secure more referrals than you ever have.

Some specifics you will learn at this webinar:
-Why people give referrals.
-When and how to ask for referrals
-How to use a client satisfaction survey to grow your referrals
-The role of Office Staff and Front Liners in boosting referrals.
-Incentive systems that work.
-How to stay top of mind with people who refer you.
-How to trigger referrals without ever asking for them.
-Systems that simplify your business and automate your referrals.

This is the perfect seminar to help counter the negative effects of today's economy.
Take charge of your future and your sales, by implementing the techniques you will learn from Jeffrey Scott
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You could save: 44.5%

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