Webinar - Getting to Page 1 on Google
Webinar - Getting to Page 1 on Google
A professional business Website is a contractor's #1 tool when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

However, to get Page One placement organically, you need to make sure to account for these three factors.
-Title tags that reflect your top keywords and search areas
-Header tags that are unique, read cleanly and relate to your services
-Custom, well-written content on each page

If all of that sounded like gibberish to you, that's OK! Who better to explain how to address these factors than Brian Kraff, founder and CEO of Market Hardware? Simply put, no one consultant has helped more service professionals profit from the Web. His energetic delivery and industry experience have earned him a national following.

Please join him, Matt Horn, Senior Search Engine Marketing Consultant, and Rebecca Hussey, Chief Social Officer, for this special presentation.
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