Webinar - Surviving & Thriving in Today’s Changed Economy
Webinar - Surviving & Thriving in Today’s Changed Economy
Many companies will not only survive but can prosper during difficult economic times. This Webinar will focus on the changes and difficult decisions that leaders need to make to achieve these desired results. Besides traditional cost cutting methodology Guy will discuss how to improve marketing efforts through lead generation systems. He will also explain how creating a unique value proposition (UVP) will help prevent the deterioration of gross profits. Accolades from his recent newsletter on "How to leverage and measure the strengths of relationships" are a key part of this prosperity plan.

Now is the time to implement sales incentives for companies that have a dedicated sales force Cash management and collections are critical success factors! This will be a fast paced session to help you identify the areas of your business that may have been overlooked. Don't miss this Webinar from one of the most respected advisors in the industry!
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