Webinar - Understanding & Complying with Federal DOT Regs
Webinar - Understanding & Complying with Federal DOT Regs
Dane will teach and discuss the intricacies of being DOT compliant at the Federal and your local state level.

Specific topics that will be covered in-depth during the webinar will include:

1. SafeStat: What is it and why is it important to my business?

2. An overview of changes with SafeStat in 2010.

3. How to improve your company’s safety rating.

4. Federal out of service criteria.

5. Challenges businesses face while trying to comply with local enforcement of federal DOT law.

6. Recognizing and controlling defects in your fleet through Post Trip Inspection Reports.

7. Record keeping and reporting requirements.

This webinar will provide you with useful tools, handouts and a clear cut understanding of how to improve your company’s fleet safety program.
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