Webinar - Acquisitions: Buying Another Tree Care Company
Webinar - Acquisitions: Buying Another Tree Care Company
There are many ways to grow your business. Acquisitions can provide both immediate growth and immediate problems. Tom can help you to approach the acquisition process in a proactive way that will greatly increase the odds of a successful endeavor.

In his presentation, Tom will address these questions:

- Why should you consider acquisitions?

- Are you doing it for the right reasons or is your ego getting in the way?

- Build vs. buy

- The strategy of looking for deals.

- The tactics of executing deals.

- Valuations, what should you pay, what should you sell for?

- Lessons learned or, “so who is paying that bar bill the owner use to trade tree care out for?"

Before you consider acquiring another tree care company, you owe it to yourself to learn from Tom’s experience. And, even if you’ve never considered an acquisition before, you might just find that it is a winning strategy for your business.
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