Urban Living Wood Decay Fungi
Urban Living Wood Decay Fungi
The First Visual Guide for Identification of Common Decay Fungi in the US.

Finally... An Easy To Use Manual for Arborists and Urban Tree Managers
This manual is designed to simplify the difficult task of identifying the common decay fungi that threaten the structural stability of urban trees. Author Christopher J. Luley, Ph.D., pathologist and expert in wood decay fungi with 20 years of experience, has compiled this comprehensive guide using high resolution images and descriptions to help with the identification of decay fungi.

The manual also includes important information on the fungi, including:
- identifying features
- habitat
- fruiting time
- fruiting surface
- type of decay and more!

Whether you are an arborist or urban tree manager, use the manual as a reference book to easily look up what you need in the field or in the office.
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