Arborist Apprenticeship Training Program
Arborist Apprenticeship Training Program
The TCIA Arborist Apprenticeship Training Program provides a curriculum template, assessment structure, and educational materials for job-related instruction and learning. It is an essential resource for the apprentice and the journeyworker/instructor as they progress through the three year Arborist Apprenticeship.

The TCIA Arborist Apprenticeship Training Program consists of an Arborist Apprentice Student Manual and a Journeyworker/Instructor Guide manual for each of the three years of apprenticeship. Arborist Apprenticeship Student Manuals provide the learning content for the apprentice. Arborist Apprenticeship Journeyworker/Instructor Guide manuals provide the apprentice’s mentor with the structure and guidance for assessing progression and competency of the apprentice.

Student manuals and Journeyworker/Instructor guide manuals are available for Year 1 and Year 2 of Arborist Apprenticeship. The Year 3 manuals are expected to be available by summer 2022.

The TCIA Arborist Apprenticeship Training Program is available to any company or organization that has a registered Arborist Apprenticeship. Click to purchase and learn more.

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