ANSI A300 (Part 6) - 2018: Planting and Transplanting
ANSI A300 (Part 6) - 2018: Planting and Transplanting
Planting and Transplanting standards address:

Plant and site inspection; Timing of transplanting; Determining the root ball size (for transplanting); Digging trees and shrubs; Transplanting; Lifting; Moving and Storage; Digging the planting hole; Planting woody plants; Planting container stock; Specific palm standards; and, Post-planting care.

The A300 Part 6 Planting and Transplanting standard presents a suitability checklists for planting and transplanting and gives guidance on the initial assessment of the existing site and the installation site, including: above and below ground hazards; access; soil conditions; obstacles; slope; utilities; and, critical structures, i.e. rooftop plantings.

Adhering to the American National Standards for tree care helps make you an expert in the eyes of clients and authorities, such as your local municipality. ANSI standards are recognized as the final authority in the United States civil court system. Order each part to be certain your work meets industry standards and to use as a guide for writing work specifications.
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