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Webinar - 70 Degree, Walk Away Tree Felling
The presentation will cover procedures for the Walk Away tree felling technique. The program will cover the tree felling procedure, from the job briefing and work plan, to setting up the job, and completing the job.

Webinar - Acquisitions: Buying Another Tree Care Company
Acquisitions can provide both immediate growth and immediate problems. Tom can help you to approach the acquisition process in a proactive way that will greatly increase the odds of a successful endeavor.

Webinar - Aerial Lift Safety
This training session is an overview on aerial lift safety and operating procedures. It is also an employer certification program that allows your employer to certify you as qualified to operate aerial lift equpiment in tree care.

Webinar - Business Bootcamp - Regulatory Compliance
How to navigate and comply with government regulations, OSHA, DOT, FIFRA, FLSA, etc.

Webinar - Business Bootcamp: Sales & Marketing
How to do basic proposal writing, leverage industry standards and credentials to differentiate your company, basic marketing including other service lines, etc.

Webinar - Chain Saw Maintenance Webinar
RDT Maintenance, daily user program, weekly user/shop program, carb adjustments, chain Saw maintenance are topics covered in this webinar.

Webinar - Crane Assisted Removal - Tie-in Technique
This webinar will look at some best practices relating to work positioning, fall arrest and safe efficient climber tie in.

Webinar - Developing a Monthly Operating Budget
In this webinar we’ll look at the structure and preparation of financial statements and discuss using them as effective tools in your business.

Webinar - Don't let Injury Cripple your Business
This webinar makes it easy for your company to be financially prepared for potential injuries.

Webinar - Effectively Documenting Storm Work for Insurance
This session will set forth easy to implement good business practices for tree care companies to implement when doing storm work.

Webinar - Expanding Your Profit Centers: Snow Removal
This presentation will show how Snow Removal and Ice Management can lead to establishing an additional Profit Center for your tree care business.

Webinar - Financing your Business Expansion
Develop and learn about relevant business solutions.

Webinar - GOS - Basic Tree Felling Techniques
This tutorial reviews basic chainsaw cuts used in safe tree felling procedures.

Webinar - GOS - Job Planning and Site Preparation
This tutorial reviews the first steps in setting up a tree care operation, from the job briefing to traffic control to creating an effective work flow.

Webinar - GOS - Rigging and Roping
This tutorial gives an overview of procedures and tips from the Ground Operations Specialist's view.

Webinar - Grow your Business Through Commercial Contracting
Corporate and commercial contracting is very different than the typical residential contract. How you look, act, dress and market your company is all important in the corporate world of tree care.

Webinar - How to Hold an Effective Safety Meeting
Safety Meetings are an important part of the success of your tree care business. We will be covering the vital components of holding a company safety meeting and what you need to know to communicate your message in a way that engages your employees.

Webinar - Incorporating Tree Injection Prgm in your Business
Topics include: How to market and promote tree injection, what tree injection will do for your business, how to get started, and much more.

Webinar - Increase Referrals and Grow your Business Webinar
A process for increasing sales and dramatically growing your business by referral.
In this info-packed webinar, you will learn a step-by-step process to grow your business by referral: how to ask for, reward, cultivate and secure more referrals than you ever have.

Webinar - Mechanical Advantage for Arborists
Presenter: Tony Tresselt, CTSP
Mechanical advantage when removing a tree or tree part is using nothing more than ropes, pulleys and other components which makes the job easier, which in turn makes it safer for the crew. This training session discusses some more advanced methods and designs of this rigging principle.

Webinar - OSHA Compliance Made Simple
Presented by Peter Gerstenberger
OSHA compliance doesn't need to be mysterious or complicated. This webinar will build upon years' worth of questions frequently raised by TCIA members. It will guide participants to the best online information resources, and advise on the "affirmative defenses" against OSHA citation.

Webinar - Proper Cleanup of Pesticide Spills
Managing pesticide spills from prevention, preparedness, what to do if a spill occurs, and proper clean-up and documentation.

Webinar - Setting up a Safety Program Webinar
Presented by Tim Walsh, CTSP
A safety program is the most important part of a business, yet many companies do not have them.

Webinar - Setting Up and Conducting Performance Review
A presentation on recognizing the importance of having a performance review process for employees.

Webinar - Spar Pole Rigging for Arborists
This webinar will take a look at safe efficient ways to rig from a spar pole. We will discuss rigging forces and how to manage them; equipment placement and climber tie in options.

Webinar - SRT Best Practices
Presented by: Don Coffey, CTSP
This presentation will review some of most prevalent single rope technique (SRT) systems and identify their attributes and best use practices.

Webinar - SRT: Half the Rope, Twice as Easy
Learn about the ease and safety of SRT starting with setting a line, choosing a proper tie in point, anchoring the climbing system so that there is a built-in ground based rescue potential and choice of equipment.

Webinar - Surviving & Thriving in Today’s Changed Economy
This Webinar will focus on the changes and difficult decisions that leaders need to make to achieve their desired results.

Webinar - Surviving and Thriving in Today's Changed Economy
This webinar will begin with an economic status update; a reality check. There's some bad news. And we'll also discuss some good news because there is some good news that is overlooked by the sensationalistic media.

Webinar - TCA - Topic includes Hazard Tree Risk Assessment
This webinar-based tutorial is the first in a series of training tools for the Tree Care Academy (TCA).
This first Tree Care Apprentice tutorial reviews Hazards in Tree Care and How to Avoid Them.

Webinar - Technical Rigging
This training session discusses some more advanced methods and designs of the rigging principle.

Webinar - Tree Care Specialist - Rigging Basics
An introduction to basic rigging concepts, this tutorial session sets the tone for safety and efficiency in tree work rigging. Viewers will take a look at some rigging compoents and see a basic summary of the work load ratings and common use.

Webinar - Tree Climbing Fundamentals - Part 1
Beginning tree climbing is presented by looking at climber equpiment and applications. ANSI Z133.1 Safety Standards and Cordage Institute Standards address climbing saddles, work positioning lanyards and climbing components.

Webinar - Tree Climbing Fundamentals, Pt 2 Rope Installation
Learn different ways to access a tree canopy. This training also includes information on installing a rope in a tree, and different work positioning techniques for tree climbers.

Webinar - Two Rope Rigging
Presented by Tony Tresselt
This webinar will take a look at when more than one rope may be appropriate. We will also look at the changed forces involved and the best use of multiple ropes on the job site.

Webinar - Understanding & Complying with Federal DOT Regs
Dane will teach and discuss the intricacies of being DOT compliant at the Federal and your local state level. This webinar will provide you with useful tools, handouts and a clear cut understanding of how to improve your company’s fleet safety program.

Webinar - Understanding What Storm Work Covered by Insurance
This session will provide a general understanding of what insurance generally covers and will suggest ways to work more efficiently with home owners that are eager to have their properties restored but may not fully understand potential shortfalls of their coverage.

Webinar - Using Tree Growth Regulators for Additional Client
The presentation will list ways to utilize the physiological benefits trees receive following Tree Growth Regulator Applications.

Webinar - Utility Contractor Accreditation Information
Here is an informative look at the Utility Contractor Accreditation Standard, step-by-step, to help you understand how it can be implemented at your commercial ROW vegetation management/utility line-clearing company and why it can help you.

Webinar - What To Say in Your Very Worst Customer Situations
In this webinar Rich Gallagher will teach you the same skills that hostage negotiators, police officers, and crisis counselors use in their very worst situations with the result being you become supremely confident in any customer situation.

Webinar - Working More Effectively With the Insurance Indust
The goal of this presentation is to recommend simple administrative and reporting procedures that tree care companies can use to create a more efficient working relationship with the insurance industry and which will help protect them from payment collection issues.
This webinar is free for members!

Webinar Proper Gear Inspection: What to look for
Inspecting gear is a critical part of any safety program and should be done by all crew members throughout the day.

Webinar- Best Practices for Emergency Response/Aerial Rescue
This presentation will discuss that having a variety of scenarios to practice and train for could help you and your crew better prepare for what might happen…and how this can lead to a safer more productive work culture.