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Tree Care Safety Specialist

Tree Care Safety Specialist™ is intended for the employee who shows an aptitude and interest in being a safety and compliance trainer. This course helps you document credentials and provide a meaningful credential to employees.  Once your employee finishes this program, a logical next step is the Certified Treecare Safety Professional Program (CTSP).

Tree Care Specialist

Keep your tree workers motivated and trained by giving them an industry credential. This will help you verify, according to OSHA and ANSI Z133.1 guidelines, that you have given safety training to all your employees according to their job description. It also helps to verify that your employees understand basic safety and technical concepts required to care for trees properly.

The Tree Care Specialist course is designed to give an additional credential to your Tree Climber or Ground Operations Specialist.

Plant Health Care Technician

Keep your tree workers motivated and trained by giving them an industry credential. The PHC technician certificate training program will help you verify that your employees understand technical concepts required to provide plant health care services.

Our PHC Technician program builds on ­material presented in Tree Care Specialist and includes site mapping, advanced soil management, tree fertilization and nutrition applications, pesticide selection and application, IPM concepts, bio-controls and organic tree care concepts. The large reference section with charts of diseases by tree host, control recommendations and tree-part symptoms is extremely helpful for PHC technicians.

Crew Leader

Train and develop crew leaders with our completely revised Crew Leader certificate of completion course using the new Crew Leader manual.  Completing the Crew Leader manual is also a prerequisite for advancing to the Crew Leader Qualification workshop to earn your Crew Leader Qualification Certificate.