TCIA-Federal OSHA Formal Alliance

In 2003, to improve safety in the tree care industry throughout the United States, TCIA (then the National Arborist Association) and federal OSHA entered into an Alliance Agreement. Under this agreement, both parties sought to better communicate safety issues and freely exchange educational materials in an effort to assist TCIA members with safety.

 This Alliance resulted from OSHA’s recognition of the TCIA as the voice of the tree care industry; THE legitimate trade organization committed to improving the quality of member companies.

The Alliance provided several benefits to the association and its members:
  • TCIA was able to communicate OSHA concerns and objectives to membership, informing them to make appropriate loss control decisions.
  • TCIA had an open channel of communication with top OSHA officials.
  • The two organizations presented information on safety in the tree care industry jointly at industry as well as OSHA meetings.
  • TCIA raised safety awareness in the tree care industry throughout the country by jointly publicizing the results of safety research with OSHA.
  • TCIA’s members became better recognized as legitimate professionals who took safety seriously, and who had representation at the highest levels of OSHA.
The “Tree Care Industry” Safety & Health Topics Page on the OSHA website was one of the first tangible benefits of the OSHA-TCIA collaboration.

The Alliance was renewed for another three years in 2006. It was after the Alliance renewal that OSHA sanctioned and TCIA staff developed a series of “Quick Cards” and “Fact Sheets” relevant to hazards in tree care.

By 2009, there was a new Presidential Administration, OSHA’s priorities were being shifted, and it was mutually decided that the six-year OSHA-TCIA Alliance should not be renewed.