Safety Tips & Resources

Tree care is a dangerous profession, but jobsite risks can be mitigated with safety training and emergency preparedness. Worker safety and professionalism are a primary focus of TCIA, which is why we provide the public and our members with safety information, certification programs, and other resources designed to reduce tree care-related incidents.

Safety Education & Training

TCIA offers various safety education and training opportunities, many of which award a credential upon completion. These programs, which are available to TCIA members and non-members alike, provide a record that employees have been trained to specific industry standards, and have been tested for critical skills and competencies.

They also aid with training documentation, ensure OSHA compliance, lower your insurance rates, and improve your chances of landing municipal contracts.

(Some of these workshops are free or are offered at a reduced cost, thanks to the combined resources of the Susan Harwood grant and TCIAF’s new Arborist Safety Training Institute. View upcoming workshops in our Training Center.)

  • Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP)

    As the only safety credentialing program in the industry, TCIA’s CTSP program is designed to address several of the safety challenges that tree care professionals face. CTSP graduates learn more than just safety strategies and tactics; they act as a safety “coach” on the jobsite, making them effective leaders and a valuable addition to a tree care crew. “It’s not just a title, but an attitude that I now take with me to the jobsite,” says Chris Girard of TCIA member company Girard Tree Service in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. “We constantly have to be on our toes and think about the safety of those around us, as well as ourselves.”
  • Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP)   

    Does your tree work bring you into close contact with electrical hazards? For most tree care professionals, electrical hazards are a serious concern; about 30 percent of all fatalities in the tree care industry are attributed to electricity, making it the leading cause of worker fatalities. TCIA’s EHAP program aims to reduce these fatalities by training arborists to recognize and avoid electrical hazards. 
  • Tree Care Academy  

    TCIA also offers safety education through the Tree Care Academy training program, which encompasses specialties such as Aerial Rescue, Chipper Operator Specialist, and Tree Care Safety Specialist.
  • Safety Books & Products

    TCIA also sells a wide range of safety-related books and products, including Tailgate Safety, Illness and Injury Prevention, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, and much more.

TCIA Members Only Resources

If you are a TCIA member, not only do you receive deep discounts for TCIA safety training and products, you have unlimited access to our other safety resources!

  • TCIA’s Arboriculture > Safety Resources

    Browse TCIA’s Safety Resources for free downloadable materials, such as our Drop Zone Fact Sheet or the Lyme Disease Quick Card.
    New resources are being added all the time, so check back frequently.

  • TCIA’s Storm Network 

    There’s safety in numbers! If you’re a TCIA member, you have access to TCIA’s Storm Network, which helps TCIA members coordinate efforts and provide backup in the wake of severe weather.
  • Emergency Accident Hotline

    TCIA is always standing by to provide members with timely information to deal with post-accident procedures. Call our Emergency Accident Hotline, and we’ll help you assess the situation, recommend next steps, and ensure you file the correct paperwork and stay compliant with OSHA regulations.
  • Accident Survey

    Accidents continue to increase in the tree care industry, and this trend is distressing to companies, employees and consumers. TCIA’s annual Accident Survey is just one tool we’re using to combat this increasing problem.
  • Additional Member Resources

    Resources and tools, like the popular TCIA Business Management Guide, TCIA Member Discounts program, customizable marketing materials, business templates, TCIA member logos, Members Benefit of the Month and much more.


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