PHC Technician

Keep your tree workers motivated and trained by giving them an industry credential. The PHC technician certificate training program will help you verify that your employees understand technical concepts required to provide plant health care services.

Our PHC Technician program builds on ­material presented in Tree Care Specialist and includes site mapping, advanced soil management, tree fertilization and nutrition applications, pesticide selection and application, IPM concepts, bio-controls and organic tree care concepts. The large reference section with charts of diseases by tree host, control recommendations and tree-part symptoms is extremely helpful for PHC technicians.

The course covers the general concepts:

  • Plant Health Care concepts
  • Nutrition
  • Soil Management
  • Biotic and abiotic diagnosis
  • Fertilization
  • Pest ID & Controls

CEUs: 20.25 ISA CEUs / 2.25 CTSP CEUs


Use the PHC Technician manual to help train your employees. In addition to the manual, you should include on-the-job training. Also, visit our training center to find upcoming PHC Technician workshops. Once a candidate completes the tests and the employer verification of competency checklist in the PHC Technician manual, TCIA will grade the exam, record the competency, and issue a certificate of completion, as well as a laminated wallet card, arm patch and helmet decal. Candidates’ transcripts are maintained in the TCIA database, and they receive on-demand notification of transcript status via TCIA’s toll free number.

Mike Raupp’s Managing Insect and Mites on Woody Plants: an IPM Approach guidebook is a strongly recommended companion reference for the PHC technician manual.


Use the employer verification competency checklist provided in the PHC Technician manual to document competency.

Enrollment and Benefits:

Our low enrollment fee includes the PHC Technician manual and:

  • Test correction by TCIA
  • Transcript storage in TCIA database
  • Helmet Decal, Certificate, Wallet Card upon completion

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