Aerial Rescue Training Program

TCIA’s Aerial Rescue Training Program™ helps you protect your employees and meet the aerial rescue training requirements mandated by ANSI Z133.1 and OSHA. The most common reason for double fatalities in tree care is failed aerial rescue attempts – an emergency could develop any time one of your crews is aloft, and your employees must know how to react.

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The course covers:

This certificate program is designed to be used in combination with on-the-job training and practice, so that crews have the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate an emergency situation and potentially rescue an injured tree worker.

The program manual includes an introduction to aerial rescue concepts, emergency preparedness, actual aerial rescue techniques, following aerial rescue protocol, and working with EMS effectively.

Each enrollment includes a manual with five chapter tests, answer sheet, and Employee Competency Checklist; one test retake if needed, test correction and checklist review by TCIA, and transcript storage in the TCIA database. Completion of the program requires viewing of the Aerial Rescue DVD. Upon completion, each employee will receive a Certificate of Completion, wallet card and helmet decal. This program is available in both English and Spanish.

The Aerial Rescue DVD covers most of the items in the manual and includes case studies and aerial rescue scenarios according to the ANSI Z133.1 Aerial Rescue protocol.



ARTP is part of the Advanced Series of TCIA’s Tree Care Academy®. Open to all employees, it is recommended that enrollees already hold a Ground Operations, Tree Climber and/or Aerial Lift Specialist certificate.

Enrollment and Benefits:

The Aerial Rescue DVD comes bundled with one course enrollment, which includes the ARTP workbook, tests and answer sheets, test correction by TCIA, transcript storage in the TCIA database, and certificate of completion, helmet decal, and wallet card.

Additional enrollments may be purchased separately, and one enrollment must be purchased for each employee enrolled in the program. Test answer sheets may not be photocopied. Employees must watch the Aerial Rescue DVD to complete the program.

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Aerial Rescue DVD and EHAP training:

EHAP enrollees must watch the Aerial Rescue DVD 2008 version, however they do not need to complete the ARTP training course in order to complete EHAP. 

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