Why Become a CTSP?

Many small businesses don’t have the resources to hire staff specifically for safety training. By giving one or more existing employees the tools to become their company’s safety trainer(s), the CTSP program not only allows business owners to establish a safety program for a modest investment, it also provides a new career path for these key employees, increasing their job satisfaction and company loyalty.

Long and short-term benefits to enrolling in CTSP:

For Employers:

  • Prevent work-related accidents and injuries, as well as the costs associated with them.
  • Increase production and reduce time lost to employee injuries and accidents.
  • Be perceived favorably by insurers* and regulatory entities for taking proactive safety measures.
  • Improve employee retention and morale. Plus, make recruitment easier by promoting your safe work environment and commitment to employee well-being.
  • Provide key employees with a path to career growth, increasing their value to you and their own job satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Market your safety commitment to potential and current customers.

For the CTSP:

  • Utilize CTSP forums to network with a nationwide community of safety professionals
  • Develop your career by gaining a new credential and taking on added responsibility.
  • Gain the satisfaction of knowing you are instrumental in creating (or changing) your organization’s safety culture.

Tree Care Industry Accident Survey

The 2008-2009 Tree Care Industry Accident Survey compiled data from more than 300 companies and over 5.2 million work hours.

Results: Accredited companies with a CTSP experience ‘recordable accidents’ (requiring medical attention) and lost workday accidents half as frequently as non-member, non-accredited companies without a CTSP. This means fewer accidents, injuries, less lost time, and reduced costs – period.

*With a CTSP on staff, your company could be saving money on business insurance. TCIA has endorsed the ArborMax® insurance program to give our members a full service, commercial insurance program. TCIA Accreditation and CTSP can also make your company eligible to apply for Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Questions or More Information:

Contact Peter Gerstenberger (Sr. Advisor for Safety, Standards & Compliance) or Irina Kochurov (Credentialing Administrator).