Tree Care Best Practices for COVID-19


As we reach the next step in the COVID-19 pandemic and some states move to reopen, TCIA put together two guides on tree care industry best practices during COVID-19. These best practices are split into two parts, one is a Special Tailgate Safety Program on COVID-19, and the other is an interactive document titled Recommended Best Practices for Tree Care Companies during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The special Tailgate Session was designed to be used as a training tool for employees. The training objective for the session is the employee understanding the risks associated with COVID-19, how the virus is transmitted, and ways to reduce the risk of transmitting this disease, both on and off the job.

COVID-19 Tailgate Safety Session

TCIA’s other document: Recommended Best Practices for Tree Care Companies during the COVID-19 Pandemic is designed for employers in the tree care industry. It contains links to a variety of resources, guidance, and information, and is designed to help member companies maintain safe operations as the COVID-19 pandemic moves forward.

Tree Care Best Practices During COVID-19

These guides represent the information on COVID-19 best practices as of May 11, 2020. Much is still not known about the COVID-19 disease, and public health guidance is subject to change. All employers should consult local, state, and federal health guidance when determining how their business will operate during the pandemic. These documents are intended as guides only, and may not account for all COVID-19 mitigation laws in certain jurisdictions.