TCIA's COVID-19 Survey Results 

TCIA sent a short survey out to accredited companies, who represent a solid cross section across the country of TCIA members. The goal was to receive feedback on how companies are responding to COVID-19 issues that TCIA could share the results of with all members.  


The 30 companies who responded provide a snapshot of the wider range of TCIA member companies that have been affected to varying degrees by COVID-19. The results report on revenue, employees and looking forward as the United States begins to look at ways to re-open the economy. 

Some of the changes made to plans in anticipation of shelter in place orders being lifted: 

Safe distance work practices, staggered crew arrival, hand washing on trucks, COVID19 education 
By cutting every possible expense, and possibly staffing.
We have picked an anticipated date and starting to inform our clients that is when we will start doing the 
       Non-essentials and we will confirm the week before. If that changes, we will keep the weekly schedule in place 
       but move the starting date. We will keep back office, clerical and client response working from home. Probably for a year. 
Implementing new PPE protocols and changing daily briefings and meetings.
Double down and do the behaviors. We will probably pull one to two people from production and place 
        them in sales at an hourly wage to knock on doors. (with social distance). We will track this and see if we get
       any fish on the hook. Additionally, we are marketing different types of ‘whys” to the HOA.  

As the crisis moves into its next phase, we welcome your suggestion(s) surrounding COVID-19 survey questions for 
consideration as well as any comments. This will help us know where to focus our energies in developing resources 
that are most helpful for our members. 

Please send your input to: