Introducing TCIA's Online Learning Center!


Let’s talk about Arborists and online learning.

Arborists are busy
Arborists are everywhere
Arborists are learning on-the-job

You’re busy – your time is at a premium. With our new online learning center, you will be able to access our training courses any time, day or night 24 hours a day. Squeeze in some reading before bed, follow through with some tests the next day at lunch, via your phone or tablet. Work at your own pace.

You work in a remote area – access to premium training is key to your professional success. If you’ve got internet and a computer, you’ll have access to the industry’s best credentialing programs and content no matter where you live. No travel is required, without the cost of travel and hotel accommodations.

You learn “on-the-job” – yes, you work hard to absorb as much as you can when you’re out in the field. When you’re working with so many different levels of experience of other crew members, the range and competency of everyone are varied, and maybe even outdated. When you go through our training courses you will receive the latest skills, information, safety, and competency standards in the industry.

Online learning is perfect for the lifestyle of an Arborist. Also, Tree care companies benefit the most when their employees are trained in the latest materials and motivated to learn and grow in their profession. With all of this in mind, TCIA is committed to making our training programs available through our new Online Learning Center.

Join us in our latest adventure in advancing tree care businesses! We have transitioned to a complete online learning environment. However, we already offer online testing and results for previously purchased Tree Care Academy and EHAP courses! Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to register your unused test portions of the Tree Care Academy and EHAP manuals you’ve been meaning to get to!

To begin, select your program through the sign-up button below. You will shortly receive an email confirmation and login instructions to enter TCIA’s Online Learning Center within 1 business day.

Once you have completed the self-study portion of each course, you can register, test, upload supporting documentation. Then you print and/or email your certificate of completion directly from the online testing system. It’s that easy and convenient!

Online Testing Center