Wage and Benefit Survey results now available!

TCIA’s 2019 Wage and Benefit survey results are now available. Some of the trends in 50 % median values from survey results reported in 2019 include:

Company Annual Gross revenues decreased slightly from $975,500 to $970,000
Gross Revenue from full-time production employees also decreased slightly from $134,437 to $132,585
Annual Salary Base Pay Maximum for Company CEO’s increased from $80,000 to $85,000. 
Total Payroll (Compensation Expense) decreased approximately 14%

This is the second year using the Dynamic Benchmarking survey platform which will allow participants who have participated in 2018 and 2019 to easily compare results year over year from the same account page. 

Thank you to all TCIA members who participated in the survey and met the requirements to have access to the survey. Those members should have received instructions regarding how to access their dynamic, personalized results via email. Participants are able to drill down into the data and view their company against other survey participants.

Those companies that have created an online account and started the survey but have not completed the required questions and minimum response thresholds can still complete it to gain access to the personalized survey results.  

The Wage and Benefit survey compiles information on tree care company wages, benefits and sales. These statistics can be used to provide a complete picture against which you can evaluate your company’s wage and benefit package, which could benefit your company in recruitment and retention. 

Contact TCIA at 603-314-5380 or tdunn@tcia.org for questions about the 2019 survey results.