TCIA's Pulse Survey!

TCIA is initiating a quick, anonymous Pulse Survey that will be sent out quarterly to TCIA members. It will be used as a check-in with our members to improve your overall experience. The results will be analyzed and posted on our website.
The goals of the pulse survey are as follows:   
  • Spot insights that deserve immediate attention. Identify the issues you are experiencing in real-time. This survey will allow follow up with immediate action or time to investigate them further, depending on the urgency. The TCIA Pulse Survey will also provide TCIA staff with up-to-date information on what members are looking to accomplish and reveal TCIA’s performance in different areas. 
  • Measure impact. By surveying consistently, TCIA will be able to see what impact an internal or external event, i.e., Covid-19 has on the tree care industry and how the thought process changes over time.
  • Provide member benefit. See how your peers are dealing with different business issues to help with their internal business decisions. Corporate members will have access to trends and pressing issues their customers are facing that could assist with their marketing and product and services development. 
  • Provide an easy, convenient way for members to engage with their national trade association. We understand you are busy running your business and are not always available during the workday. Please give us your feedback when you have the time.