January is Crew Leader Month


Have you heard? January will be Crew Leader Month, and it’s the perfect time to help your crew leaders improve their skills! A successful Crew Leader Month is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. EDUCATE yourself and your team with a variety of crew leader-focused content in the January issue of TCI Magazine. TCIA members also benefit from crew-leader content in January issues of The Reporter and The TreeWorker. These articles and features are great opportunities for both self-study and use during company training.
  2. front cover of Tree Care Academy Crew Leader manualSAVE money with FREE shipping on the Tree Care Academy Crew Leader manual in November, December and January! The Crew Leader manual is a self-study guide. Crew Leaders can complete the manual on their own by reading through the materials and sending in the tests, or your company can use it as the structure for conducting group training meetings. Completion of the Tree Care Academy Crew Leader manual is a pre-requisite for attending one of our Crew Leader Qualification workshops. 
  3. JOIN TCIA for one of the many Crew Leader Qualification workshops held throughout the United States.

Buy your Crew Leader manual now, and complete the tests so you can attend a workshop in 2019! The 2019 Crew Leader schedule is now available in the training calendar at TCIA.org.

TCIA asks that each company participating in Crew Leader Month pledge to provide eight hours of training for crew leaders in the month of January. Then… tell us how you did! Email us at feedback@tcia.org.

TCIA-member companies get great discounts on Tree Care Academy manuals and TCIA-sponsored workshops, and also receive The Reporter, The TreeWorker and TCI Magazine as a membership benefit, making Crew Leader Month easy and affordable. Not a member? Join today!

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