January 10, 2017

A Message from the A300 Committee

Re: A300 Part 11 Urban Forest Products Status

While we recognize the need for guidance in the wood utilization marketplace, the ANSI‐accredited Standards Committee A300 believes this project falls outside the scope of tree care management standards at this time. The main considerations that resulted in this decision are:

  1. Commercial arboriculture doesn’t control the marketplace specifications as the end users (buyers) provide the specifications;
  2. The marketplace for urban forest products is small and regional, most commercial tree care companies produce only wood chips for free distribution or for disposal; and,
  3. A Best Management Practice, written by the ISA is a better first step to develop Urban Forest Products guidelines. Dr. Richard Hauer (University of Wisconsin Steven’s Point and the ISA representative on the ASC A300) and Dr. Eric Wiseman (Virginia Tech) have volunteered to spearhead the effort and are looking for volunteers to assist.

As a result, the ASC A300 voted at the Fall 2016 meeting to terminate the A300 Part 11 Urban Forest Products project for the time being. TCIA has agreed to release copyrights relating to this project to qualified groups, so that draft standards and appendices can be used by others. As the commercial practice matures, an industry standard may become necessary.

Going forward, a technical advisory committee will be assembled to guide development of the BMP and ISA will reach out to potential contributors once a production schedule is established. Those interested in contributing to the BMP should contact the ISA Educational Goods and Services department. Visit www.isa-arbor.com for information about the ISA Educational Goods and Services department.


Bob Rouse, MS, AStd
A300 Secretary
Chief Program Officer