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The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) is the foremost business management resource for tree care companies, providing tree care professionals like you with tools you can use every day to increase profits, lower training costs, retain quality employees, and stay a step ahead of continually evolving regulatory issues.

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  • Receive unlimited access to arborist and business advisors.
    Plus, our accounting, loss control, marketing, and membership staff are accessible for your questions. TCIA also provides personal assistance on OSHA, DOT and regulatory compliance questions.
    TCIA OSHA Call Assistance
  • Access TCIA’s online member directory and network with other tree care professionals around the country.
    Become part of TCIA's vast network of tree care companies and industry resources!
  • Join our niche networking groups and participate in targeted discussions with members from around the country.
    With groups like our Families in Business Facebook Group, Storm Response Network and Young Business Leaders Facebook Group (just to name a few), we’ve got something for everyone.


  • TCIA’s Members’ Only content, featuring a variety of resources and tools, like the popular TCIA Business Management Guide, customizable marketing materials, business templates, TCIA member logos, and more.
  • Receive a free business or safety product in the members-only Reporter publication each month.
  • Receive a series of mailings during your first year with TCIA that provide a robust introduction to TCIA's business, safety and arboriculture resources.

    TCIA Membership Resource Mailings
    Week 1: Business Tools
    From the ANSI standards to the latest publications, utilize tools such as our Business Management Guide to run your business safely, efficiently and successfully.
    Week 2: Get Involved
    We're your association. Stay updated on personalized and regional events, mentoring opportunities, and feedback opportunities for you. Meet the Regional Outreach Coordinators (ROC) in your area, who are your local resource to best utilize your TCIA membership benefits.
    Month 1: Safety Tools
    Take advantage of our tools and training like our Pocket Guides so you can stay safe and go home to your family and friends at the end of the day.
    Month 2: Savings and Highlights
    Enjoy deep discounts (including a bonus 15% off coupon) on training, educational materials and other valuable tools.
    Month 3: Marketing Your Business
    From videos to radio ads, use our materials to reach the customers you want.
    Month 4: Intro to TCIA Events
    TCIA hosts TCI EXPO, the world's largest tree care conference and trade show, a Winter Management Business Conference and The Arborist Safety Training Institute. Enjoy member-only savings and deep discounts for all TCIA related events and an opportunity to host grant funded safety training workshops.
    Month 5: Reaching the Homeowner
    You need customers. Use our targeted materials to find, keep and impress them.
    Month 6: Feedback
    We want to hear from you. When you participate in our member survey, we all win!
    Month 7: CTSP
    Create a culture of safety in your workplace with our Certified Tree Care Safety Program.
    Month 8: Preparing for the Unexpected
    Our tools will help you prepare for, stay safe during, and recover after an emergency.
    Month 9: Accreditation
    Our business growth program will help strengthen the foundation of your business and construct a successful future.

  • Apply for up to five free listings in our online consumer search database so new customers in your target market can find your services.

    All TCIA members have access to the program’s many business tools, from customer service to marketing and management systems.


  • Affinity Partners Member discounts on events, training, educational materials, apparel and other valuable tools.
  • Deep discounts on the Accreditation program and Certified TreeCare Safety Professional (CTSP) program.
  • TCIA Affinity Partners offer discounts on arborist supplies, web services, or legal services, plus receive credits toward your future TCIA dues.
  • Use TCIA’s ArborMAX® Insurance partnership, which offers favorable rates on workers compensation coverage to companies with a CTSP.
  • TCIA offers our members this exclusive group purchasing discount program, TCIA Member Discounts .
    This program works in two ways:
    1. Member Companies can utilize these benefits at the company level to control costs associated with travel, supplies and more.
    2. Employees of Member Companies can utilize the entertainment and travel benefits for personal use.


  • Receive two monthly members-only publications to keep you current with relevant topics in safety, training, management, and industry news.
  • Receive a subscription to TCI Magazine, the official publication of the tree care industry.
  • Receive email Member Alerts from TCIA on breaking news related to safety, business, government and more.


  • TCIA will post your information in our online database when you send us your company description (including services offered, zip code and logo) which consumers access to find tree care businesses in their area.
  • You have authorized use of the TCIA Member logo to distinguish your business from the competition in your company’s yellow page advertisements, websites, print ads, and other customer communications.  Displaying the member logo indicates to the public that your company has made an investment in an organization that is dedicated to promoting safety and professional business practices.

These are just a few of the tools designed to help you grow your business. Become a TCIA member and discover what over 2,000 tree care companies already know!

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