Mentoring and Networking

Business Mentor Network 

The TCIA Business Mentor Network represents one of the biggest benefits of TCIA membership – networking!

Seeking advice, sharing knowledge, and providing personalized feedback helps us become better tree care professionals, and raises the bar for the industry as a whole.

Whether you’re looking to teach or learn, TCIA will match you with a mentor/mentee with similar business goals. Topics include business development, sales and marketing, human resources, finance, and everything in between!

Peer-to-Peer Networking Group

TCIA has the only peer-to-peer group dedicated to the tree care industry.
The peer-to-peer group is a facilitated, self-governing, strategic gathering of company leaders who are willing to share their backgrounds, skills, and industry experiences for the purpose of developing strategies, solutions and best practices for personal, professional or business development.

The group determines the structure and topics. Typically the meetings cover personal development, company development (such as business growth, profitability benchmarks, exit strategies), HR issues (such as employee development, succession planning, employee motivational strategies), and other topics as the group determines.

All topics discussed are confidential, and each member will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement


  • “There is no other group or location to gain this type of experience, insight and accountability than the TCIA peer-to-peer group. The fellowship and camaraderie the group is developing cannot be emphasized enough. Over time the group members become familiar with you and your business, so they can really provide insights.”
    Ron Rubin of Thrive, Inc.
  • “It’s great to be in a group of like-minded people that really understand my problems. I knew the benefit of getting together with such a group of business owners would be good, but it’s even better than I had hoped. It’s now like I have my own private advisory board that counsels me and helps me achieve my goals.”
    David Scharfenberger of Wachtel Tree Science
  • "I am honored to be with a group of professionals who want to see each other succeed."
    Robert Hendricksen of Hendricksen Tree Care

Other Great Networking Opportunities

TCIA members are encouraged to join our niche networking groups and take part in targeted discussions with members from around the country. 

TCIA's LinkedIn Group

The goal of this Group is to establish connections and foster discussions focused on the tree care industry. Open strictly to TCIA members (manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers to the industry and utility, residential, and commercial tree care companies), as well as people with a vested interest in the tree care industry who are not eligible for membership, TCIA’s LinkedIn Group is a great resource for news, questions, photos and more. 

Storm Response Network

TCIA storm network participants go here for industry links, discussion groups, sample press releases and list of companies in the network.

TCIA CTSP Facebook Group

Young Business Leaders on Facebook

TCIA’s Young Business Leaders (YBL) is a new group for young (40 years old and under) and talented tree care professionals interested in networking, building friendships and working together to advance tree care businesses.

The mission of YBL is to provide social and professional networking opportunities for young leaders in the tree care industry. Membership in YBL is open to any self-defined young, professionally-minded tree care industry member.

This group will meet a few times each year for networking opportunities, professional and personal development workshops on industry topics they care about, civic and community events, and more. On occasion, experienced (yes, over 40) industry experts will offer an insider’s perspectives for these up-and-coming owners and managers.

In between meetings, members can utilize the new Young Business Leaders Facebook group. Join the group and connect with colleagues around the country – ask questions, contribute to discussions, share photos or videos, suggest ideas and more. 

Families in Business Facebook Group

This Group, open to all TCIA member families, is a result of conversations held during past Winter Management Conferences and is used as an outlet for family members with questions or comments, as a social outlet to share photos or stories, or as a resource for news and information. After all - when you mix family and business, you’re never off the clock. 

And TCIA members can contact TCIA directly if they are in need of assistance, 800-733-2622.

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