TCIA Member Testimonials

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“TCIA is up to date on all the modern technology that we have today, I feel it is just a bonus for myself and others in this industry to have an organization as devoted as yours.”
Greg Karobkoff, S.P. McClenahan Co. (TCIA member since 1984)

“Thank you so much for working on our behalf.  In my very short tenure in this industry, I've 'met' some incredible individuals, and I'm pleased to say that much of that good contact has been with you fine folks at TCIA.  You're a resource, a beneficial organization for both consumer and professional alike, and I look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.”
Brian Wacik, Joshua Tree Experts (TCIA member since 2005)

“Membership in TCIA (at the time NAA) is the single best thing I ever did to grow my company into what it is today and what it will be in the future. My first annual meeting was in 1974 and I have only missed one since.”
John Hendrickson, Founder of The Care of Trees (TCIA member since 2005)

Testimonial TCIA“I have been a TCIA member since 1984, and I have found that membership is a cost-effective way to meet the challenges I face as a business owner. Simply put, belonging to TCIA has made my job a lot easier and my business more profitable.”
Tom Golon, Wonderland Tree Care (TCIA member since 1984)

 “It was important for me to join an organization that was strictly about trees. The second day I had the new TCIA logo sticker on my truck, a woman at the gas station asked if I did pruning. The job I got from that meeting more than paid for my membership for the entire year.”
Tim Harris, Buckley Tree Service (TCIA member since 1977)

“The networking and education are valuable benefits we would not have been able to receive anywhere else.”
Peter McFarland, President of  McFarland Landscape Services, Inc. (TCIA member since 1969)

“Thanks for everything, TCIA!  As a WMC and Expo attendee, as well as an accredited company employee, I can't thank you all enough for everything you've done for the industry and my career personally.”
Chris Muehleck, St. Croix Tree Service Inc. (TCIA member since 1987)

“Thanks for all your great efforts moving us forward. We're proud to be members.”
Rolf Briggs, Tree Specialist (TCIA member since 1985)