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Medical First Aid/CPR Fairmont, MT01-31-20236.0 CTSP 
SOLD OUT CTSP Workshop - January 31, 2023Virtual01-31-2023  
Electrical Hazard Awareness Training  02-01-20236.5 CTSP 
Electrical Hazard Training (EHT) Fairmont, MT02-01-20237.0 CTSP 
Human Performance Workshop  02-01-20237.0 CTSP 
Signal/Rigger Wauwatosa, WI02-01-2023 True
Chain Saw Maintenance and Safety Fairmont, MT02-02-20236.5 CTSP 
EHAT  02-02-20237.0 CTSP 
Insurance and Risk Management Fairmont, MT02-02-20231.0 CTSP 
NCCER Crane Certification Class Wauwatosa, WI02-02-2023  
Plant Health Care Program Safety  02-02-20233.0 CTSP 
Plant Health Care- Program Safety at Shelter Tree North Attleboro, Massachusetts02-02-2023 True
Tall Tree Pest/Disease Management Fairmont, MT02-02-20231.0 CTSP 
What Is My Tree Worth Fairmont, MT02-02-20231.0 CTSP 
SOLD OUT CTSP Workshop - February 2, 2023Virtual02-02-2023  
Evolution of Climbing Systems/Gear Selection Traps Fairmont, MT02-03-20231.0 CTSP 
Canopy Class: Spar Rescue, Aerial Rescue, & Medical Assistance in Tree  02-04-20235.0 CTSP 
Winter Management Conference February 5 - 9, 2023Bridgetown, Barbados02-05-2023  
Aerial Rescue  02-06-20237.0 CTSP 
Electrical Hazard Awareness Training  02-06-20233.5 CTSP 
Chainsaw Safety & Cutting Techniques  02-07-202313.0 CTSP 
Tree Assessment & Risk Management Newark, OH02-07-20230.75 CTSP 
Tree Support & Lightning Protection Newark, OH02-07-20230.5 CTSP 
Ultimate Climbing Workshop  02-07-20235.5 CTSP 
Advanced Rigging Newark, OH02-08-20231.0 CTSP 
Aerial Rescue Newark, OH02-08-20231.0 CTSP 
Climbing & Working in Trees Newark, OH02-08-20231.0 CTSP 
Crane Game Newark, OH02-08-20231.0 CTSP 
The Language of Safety Newark, OH02-08-20231.0 CTSP 
When in Doubt, Rig it Out Newark, OH02-08-20231.0 CTSP 
Worker Safety and First Aid Newark, OH02-08-20231.5 CTSP 
Electrical Hazards Awareness Training - English Flemington, NJ02-09-2023  
Spar Wars Newark, OH02-09-20231.0 CTSP 
SRT/SRS Tie-In Techniques Newark, OH02-09-20231.0 CTSP 
Electrical Hazards Awareness Training - Spanish Flemington, NJ02-10-2023  
Chainsaw Safety Presentation VIRTUAL02-14-20230.5 CTSP 
North American Grapple Saw Truck Cut & Lift Symposium  02-14-20235.5 CTSP 
Signal/Rigger Qualification Flemington, NJ02-15-20237 
NCCER Certification Class East Lansing, MI02-16-2023  
SOLD OUT - CTSP Workshop - February 16, 2023Virtual02-16-2023  
ANSI Standards/Electrical Hazard Awareness Part 1 – An Interactive Presentation  02-17-20231.0 CTSP 
ANSI Standards/Electrical Hazard Awareness Part 2 – An Interactive Presentation  02-17-20231.0 CTSP 
What You Don’t Know Could End Your Career  02-17-20231.0 CTSP 
2023 59th Annual Wisconsin Arborist Association Annual Conference @ the Hyatt Regency-Green Bay in Green Bay, Wisconsin SHOW DATES: 2/19 thru 2/21/2023 Green Bay, Wisconsin02-19-2023 True
• Basic First-Aid for Arborists Green Bay, WI02-20-20230.5 CTSP 
Applying TRAQ in the Real World: An Overview of ISA’s TRAQ Credential Green Bay, WI02-20-20231.0 CTSP 
Climber Performance Green Bay, WI02-20-20231.5 CTSP 
Integrated Personal Health Care & Your Best Manage ment Practices Green Bay, WI02-20-20231.5 CTSP 
Leading from the Middle Green Bay, WI02-20-20231.0 CTSP 
Safety by the Numbers Green Bay, WI02-20-20231.0 CTSP 
Evolution and Use of Communication Systems Green Bay, WI02-21-20231.0 CTSP 
Rigging Fundamentals: Navigating Set Up and Forces Green Bay, WI02-21-20231.0 CTSP 
WEBINAR - Workforce Development InitiativesVIRTUAL02-23-2023  
NCCER Crane Certification Course Flemington, NJ02-26-2023  
ISA Certified Arborist® Exam Prep Course  02-27-20233.25 CTSP 
Operator Develpment  02-27-20237.0 CTSP 
Aerial Rescue – A New Look  02-28-20233.0 CTSP 
CDL Training & Regulatory Compliance Update  02-28-20231.5 CTSP 
Tree Worker Boot Camp: Aerial Operations  02-28-20231.0 CTSP 
Tree Worker Boot Camp: Ground Operations  02-28-20231.0 CTSP 
Chain Saw Basics  03-01-20231.0 CTSP 
The Basics of Crane Operations  03-01-20232.0 CTSP 
Tree Worker Safety by the Numbers  03-01-20231.0 CTSP 
Buyer Beware - Tips on Purchasing New Climbing Gear  03-02-20232.0 CTSP 
Climber Efficiency and Performance  03-02-20231.0 CTSP 
Essentials of Leadership and its Impact on Performance  03-02-20231.0 CTSP 
Federal Roadside Inspection Overview  03-02-20231.0 CTSP 
New Jersey Arborists-ISA 2023 Garden State Conference @ Tropicana in Atlantic City, New Jersey SHOW DATES: 3/2 thru 3/3/23 Atlantic City, New Jersey03-02-2023 True
PHC: Mauget Training & Field Application  03-02-20235.0 CTSP 
Safety Update  03-02-20231.5 CTSP 
Shelter Tree 2023 Education Series: Mauget Training & Field Application North Attleboro, Massachusetts03-02-2023 True
CPR/First Aid (in Spanish)  03-03-20233.5 CTSP 
Crane use in Modern Day Arboriculture  03-03-20231.0 CTSP 
Electric equipment and the dangers they pose  03-03-20231.0 CTSP 
Equipment Productivity and Maintenance  03-03-20231.0 CTSP 
Increasing Safety and Productivity through Mechanization  03-03-20231.0 CTSP 
NJBTE Enforcement/Inspections Update  03-03-20231.0 CTSP 
Tree Risk Assessment  03-03-20231.0 CTSP 
Chainsaw Safety & Cutting Techniques  03-07-20236.5 CTSP 
Fully Integrated Vegetation Management  03-08-20231.0 CTSP 
How to Understand and Read a Label, Moving Beyond Just Compliance  03-08-20231.0 CTSP 
Laws & Rules Update  03-08-20231.0 CTSP 
Understanding Pesticide Exposure, Hygiene, and Prevention  03-08-20231.0 CTSP 
NCCER Crane Certification Course Cary, NC03-09-2023  
Shade Tree Short Course:  03-14-20230.75 CTSP 
Shade Tree Short Course: Chainsaw Maintenance  03-14-20230.75 CTSP 
Shade Tree Short Course: Chainsaw Sharpening  03-14-20230.75 CTSP 
Shade Tree Short Course: Crane Use for Tree Removals  03-14-20230.75 CTSP 
Shade Tree Short Course: Creating a Culture of Safety  03-14-20230.75 CTSP 
Shade Tree Short Course: Long in the Tree - a Primer for Extending Your Climbing Career  03-14-20230.75 CTSP 
Shade Tree Short Course: Unique Tree Removal Scenarios  03-14-20231.0 CTSP 
SOLD OUT CTSP Workshop - March 14, 2023Virtual03-14-2023  
Shade Tree Short Course: Creating a Culture of Safety  03-15-20230.75 CTSP 
Shade Tree Short Course: Electrical Safety 101  03-15-20230.75 CTSP 
Shade Tree Short Course: Long in the Tree -a Primer for Extending Your Climbing Career  03-15-20230.75 CTSP 
Shade Tree Short Course: Money Doesn't Grow on Trees: How to Climb Them With Less  03-15-20230.75 CTSP 
SOLD OUT - CTSP Workshop - March 23, 2023Virtual03-23-2023  
ArborEXPO 23 West Springfield, MA03-29-2023  
Crane Safety for Operators and Crew Flemington, NJ03-29-20236 
Competency Assessments: Ensuring Compliance for Green Collar Trade Workers West Springfield, MA03-30-20231.0 CTSP