Approved Instructors

Below is a list of training instructors that have been approved by TCIA. These instructors are Certified Treecare Safety Professionals who hold valid certificates in the courses which they have expertise and are available to hire for a workshop.

Tree Care Academy

Tree Care Academy

Aerial Lift Specialist

This course is course is designed to prepare crew for safe work with and near aerial lifts on the job site.

Aerial Lift Specialist Instructors

Aerial Rescue Specialist

This course is designed to provide crews with the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate an emergency situation and potentially rescue an injured tree worker.

Aerial Rescue Specialist Instructors

Chain Saw Specialist

This course is designed to train tree care employees in hazards, as well as accepted practices for chain saw operation and other associated tasks.

Chain Saw Specialist Instructors

Compact Lift Specialist

This course is designed to help the compact-lift operator recognize and avoid/mitigate hazards associated with compact lift use.

Compact Lift Specialist Instructors

Crane Operations Specialist

This course is designed to build the basic competencies of crane operation for all members of the crew.

Crane Operations Specialist Instructors

Tree Care Safety Specialist

This course is course is designed to guide employees through the knowledge assessment and self-evaluation necessary to be a safety leader on the crew.

Tree Care Safety Specialist Instructors

Tree Care Specialist

This course is an advanced training module that builds on material presented in Tree Climber Specialist and Ground Operations Specialist, resulting in an enhanced knowledge in tree-care management practices.

Tree Care Specialist Instructors

Tree Climber Specialist

TCIA’s Tree Care Academy Tree Climber Specialist course is designed to give an additional credential to your tree care apprentices or ground operations specialists to qualify them to transition to the role of climber.

Tree Climber Specialist Instructors

SRT Climber

This course is designed to verify that your employees understand basic safety concepts required to climb using single-rope technique (SRT) during tree care operations.

SRT Climber Instructors

Crew Leader Qualification

Tree Care Industry Association TCIA Crew Leader Qualification logoThe crew leader has a critical role in the arboricultural industry. Earning the crew leader qualification provides a set of skills that allows continued growth and development in leadership and personnel management.

Crew Leader Qualification Instructors

Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP)

Electrical Hazards Awareness Program Electricity is a serious and widespread hazard to arborists. EHAP is a great way to keep workers safe, ensure OSHA and ANSI Z133 compliance, and formally document on-the-job training.

EHAP Instructors

Interested in becoming an approved instructor?

By becoming a TCIA-approved instructor, you can teach Tree Care Academy, EHAP and Crew Leader workshops for:

  • TCIA
  • Local arborist groups
  • To fulfill grants
  • Municipalities and other agencies
  • For other commercial companies