The EHAP Renewal Process

Designed to keep employees knowledge fresh and up-to-date, EHAP training must be maintained yearly.  Best of all, each annual renewal covers different content to keep your training fresh.

How do I know what EHAP renewal to order for myself/employees?

TCIA will send quarterly reminder emails to the primary contact and/or training administrator for each company. Be sure you have emails from TCIA whitelisted.

Follow the instructions in the email for logging in and checking the training tabs on your account screen. You will be able to see your employee’s training status.

The tabs will tell you who stills needs to complete their training, who needs to work on their next training renewal, and which renewal to order for each employee.

There are five different renewal manuals (Renewal 1 through 5). After the fifth renewal is complete, the trainee needs to retake the initial EHAP training program manual. The EHAP program is revised every five or six years to reflect changes in the Z133 Safety Standard. 


Employees must then complete the following requirements of the EHAP renewal program:

  • Pass one 25-question test with a grade of 85% or better
  • Provide proof of watching the Electrical Hazards and Trees video and the Aerial Rescue video (this is not required for full online program)
  • Provide proof of performing a practice Aerial Rescue (Climbing or Aerial Lift) from a height of at least 35′
  • Provide a copy of valid First Aid/CPR cards

Upon Completion

Once a candidate has completed training and provided all necessary documentation, a certificate of completion will be awarded through Brightspace, our online learning platform. Certificate is valid for one year from date of completion. They will also receive a wallet card with renewal date.

*If you’re enrolled in EHAP and have questions about your grades or program status, contact the EHAP Coordinator at