Title:Sycamore Anthracnose - What it is and How to Treat it
Description:Short course on what sycamore anthracnose is, how it differs between London Plane compared to sycamore, and how to treat. There are several treatment options for sycamore, some more bird & bee friendly.

COURSE FEES: ALL courses through November 2020 ticketed with proceeds going to one of the two Arboreta listed below.
Knoxville Botanical Gardens and ARboretum and the Clyburn Arboretum in Baltimore MD

More donation contact information available upon request. Please email Dr. Hamilton if you have a preference where your donation goes!
Begin Date:12/21/2020
End Date:12/21/2020
Member Price:$12
Non-Member Price:$12
Instructor:Dr. Hamilton, Biologist and Tree Doc of Better Nature LLC