What is TCIA's Online Learning Center

TCIA Now offers online testing for previously purchased EHAP and Tree Care Academy programs. Easy to access! Faster test results! Real-time resources! All on one platform.

Brightspace by D2L

Brightspace is our latest adventure in advancing tree care businesses!

We will be transitioning to a complete online learning environment throughout the next year. However, we are already offer online testing and results for previously purchased Tree Care Academy and EHAP courses! Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to register your unused test portions of the Tree Care Academy and EHAP manuals you’ve been meaning to get too!


  1. Company Admin: assigns online courses to employees for independent study. The employee will use the extended learning activities to guide best practices while on-the-job.
  2. Companies hire a TCIA Qualified Trainer to instruct directly from the online course to create a blended learning workshop for employees.
  3. Take your online courses with you with an easy-to-use app on your phone or tablet. Reference materials and courses are easily used while out in the field.
Join us in the latest adventure to advance your skills and professionalism with our new online learning environment!