The Tree Care Industry and COVID-19

Updated August 21, 2020

TCIA advises our members to check back to this page often for updates on actions by Congress and other COVID-19 news that may impact the tree care industry. Many of the links on this website will bring you to outside websites.

Industry Resources

COVID-19 poses a disruption to business as usual for many tree care companies. For some, this may be the time to begin thinking of alternative solutions or planning ahead for the long term health of your company. TCIA’s corporate members (manufacturers, distributors, and service providers) are poised to provide the support you need through this difficult time.

Below is a list of resources (webinars, discounts, whitepapers) built specifically for tree care companies, as provided by TCIA’s corporate members.

Also check out TCIA’s Supplier Directory online a comprehensive list includes all our corporate member companies, as well as details on their products, equipment, or services. The entire list can be searched by keywords, company name, location, and more.

  • Syphon Spray System - provided by Guardair Corporation (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

      Cost-effective, compressed air-powered system sprays cleaners and disinfectants.


  • Technical Applications - provided by AirSpade (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • Use of Compressed Air-powered Excavation for Arboricultural Site Works by AirSpade


  • Cranes101 Online Courses - provided by Cranes101 (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • Cranes101online offers a growing list of classes and would like to make these classes available to TCIA Members.

      These links will give insight to our classes and the program. The classes range from Massachusetts specific continuing education and license preparation to national crane operator certification and more.

      Check out our class catalogue: CLICK HERE

      Check out the program: CLICK HERE

  • 4 Ways TCIA Members Can Use Web Marketing to Combat Coronavirus Impact - May 20, 2020 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET - provided by Market Hardware (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • In uncertain times like these, some businesses will scramble to pull back their marketing. And who could blame them? However, a knee-jerk reaction to your marketing will create more challenges down the road for your business.

      Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And what is certain right now, is that we will recover and your customers will still need your help even if they don’t need it right now.

      A smart SEO strategy should always be looked at as a long-term approach. In fact, now is likely the best time to consider effective SEO strategies, especially if your competitors are scaling back. The experts at Market Hardware are here to advise you on four ways you can improve your Web Marketing during these uncertain times:

      1. 1. Perform a Web Marketing Audit – these should be done regularly, either by you or your Web Marketing provider (or both!) – we’ll show you how.
      2. 2. Update your GoogleMyBusiness Page – we’ve preached about this strategy for years and now is a great time to get it updated.
      3. 3. Work on your online review strategy – consumers want to support local businesses during this challenging time. Reviews are an easy way for them to help!
      4. 4. Post business updates on your Website, and upload educational videos if possible – or combine both! Post a video on your Website about your current operational status.

      Whether you’re working with an agency or handling marketing in-house, here are some simple strategies your team can work on while they self-isolate and/or work in limited capacities. Join Market Hardware’s team on May 20th at 1PM ET for the presentation to help support your business during this challenging time.


  • TreePlotter™ JOBS Software, FREE until Nov. 1 - provided by PlanIT Geo (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • PlanIT Geo™ is waiving all subscription fees for its newest map-based estimating software, TreePlotter JOBS, making it free for all users until Nov. 1, 2020, effective immediately. The cloud-based platform enables tree care companies to create digital estimates of any work they propose to a customer and send an interactive map via email for their approval. PlanIT Geo aims to help tree care businesses perform estimating and invoicing while adhering to social-distancing protocols as economies gradually reopen.

      Customers of tree care companies using TreePlotter JOBS can explore an itemized list, map, and photos of any recommended work and pricing on any device, from the comfort of their own home. They can approve estimates in full, or piece-by-piece. Once approved, work orders can be scheduled on a calendar, assigned to a crew foreman, tracked, recorded and invoiced through a paperless process, eliminating unnecessary contact. TreePlotter JOBS also will integrate with QuickBooks Online for accounting and payment collection after an update in May 2020.

      Tree care companies, business owners and individuals may sign up for a free TreePlotter JOBS subscription at No credit card is required, simply click on the “Launch Your App Today” button to begin application setup. A short introductory training session will be provided via video conference. Subscriptions are available immediately and will be valid until Nov. 1st, 2020.


  • ArboRisk Guide - Bringing Employees Back to Work After COVID-19 - provided by ArboRisk (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • A white paper to help guide tree care companies to safely return their employees back to work.


  • Arborjet is offering online learning opportunities with free webinars! - provided by ArboRisk (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • In an effort to support our customers during this challenging time, Arborjet will be offering additional online learning opportunities with webinars ranging from new product sessions to important regional pest and disease updates. We look forward to connecting with you.

      If you’ve missed one of our live sessions, check out our recorded webinars on our YouTube channel!


  • Tree Care Owner's Guide to Combating Coronavirus - provided by ArboRisk (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • A white paper outling how to best manage your business during pandemics, the effects coronavirus can have on your insurance claims and safety tips to minimize exposure to the coronavirus while on the job, all specific to arborists and tree care businesses.


  • Your Covid-19 Tree Service Marketing Plan - provided by Tree Service Digital (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • We recorded a webinar on how Tree Service and Tree Care Contractors can effectively market their business during this Coronavirus time frame ahead. Included are messaging strategies and ad strategies they can use on the internet in their local markets.


  • How Green Industry Leaders are Navigating COVID-19 - provided by SingleOps (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • Understandably, there is a lot of uncertainty and concern around COVID-19 and what it means for green industry businesses. That’s why we hosted a webinar this week titled: “COVID-19 - How The Green Industry is responding”. We turned to five green industry leaders: Matt Lowe of Swift Straw, Heather Dirksen of Arbor Masters, Matt Shepayo of Preservation Tree Care, Jack Harder of Harder Services, and Ross Day of Oasis Landscape and Irrigation to get their insight into how their businesses are responding to the global pandemic.



  • Your Covid 19 Tree Service Marketing Plan for 2020 - provided by Tree Service Digital (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • Marketing your tree care business during this unprecedented time with the Covid 19 virus in the US. Tips and Tricks on how to position your tree service company as the go to provider and safety leader in your market.


  • Husqvarna Arborist Fleet Program - provided by Husqvarna (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • The Arborist Fleet Program is designed for companies or agencies involved in the commercial tree care or arborist business. When a customer orders qualifying products (including professional chainsaws and polesaws), they earn points and achieve discounts of up to 20% off their order. Customers can also add select accessories, parts, and PPE and receive the same discount when these additional products are bundled in their Arborist Fleet order. Contact your local independent dealer for additional information.


  • Husqvarna Chainsaw Academy - provided by Husqvarna (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • Welcome to Husqvarna Chainsaw Academy – your online resource for safe and efficient tree felling. This site offers a vital introduction to the things you should know, and includes step-by-step guides, easy-to-understand animations, videos, important checklists and recommendations.


  • Pandemic Response for Tree Services Webinar - provided by ArboRisk Insurance (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)

    • Webinar hosted by president of Traiden Business Solutions, Steve Jordan. Opening remarks by president of ArboRisk Insurance, Eric Petersen. This webinar was created with the tree care industry directly in mind and answers questions such as:

      • How does a Pandemic affect business operations?
      • How does a business prepare?
      • How does a business establish short and long term Pandemic Support Teams to manage the crisis?
      • How does a business protect its employees, both at work and at home?

      The webinar was originally hosted on March 27th and we had a great response from those who watched. While we are not hosting another live webinar, we are offering the recorded version.


  • COVID-19 resource - Eydent Insurance Services LLC - provided by ArborMAX (HOVER TO LEARN MORE)