Who Reminds You to Work Safely?


Laughter billowing around the kitchen table. The hug you get each day you walk in the door. The hand clutching yours as you stroll nearby streets.

This is why you are safe. The tens of thousands of decisions you make each day at work is all for them – the people you return home to after you clock out.

From here on out, that will be easier than ever to remember. This year, Davey rolled out “This is Why I’m Safe” photo frames that can stick to nearly any surface.

“These are about making safety personal and putting a face on the issue,” said Tim Walsh, safety manager, corporate safety department. “I have a photo of my niece in mine. Every time I take off my helmet, I see her looking back at me and know I need to make good decisions.”

That’s the goal. Every time you make a choice during the day, you’ll see their faces and remember why it’s worth spending the time to do the task the right, safe way.

“When I look at this frame, I think it’s a fabulous idea. It hits home for everybody,” said Lou Stevens, regional vice president, the Davey Tree Surgery Company. “It’s a constant reminder of why we need to be safe all day, so we can all go home to our family and loved ones at the end of the day.”

Though, Walsh added that safety isn’t something that stops at the end of the workday.

“Being safe is about making good decisions, whether you’re at work, at home, in your car, anywhere,” Walsh said. “All of our safety initiatives tie back into helping and reminding every employee why they need to make good, safe decisions all day long.”

Davey’s new “This is why I am safe” picture frame allows employees to carry photos of loved ones with them all day. These photo frames can even be stuck inside of your helmet – as long as you don’t have a Kask – on your lunchbox or other high-visibility location.

This article originally published in the Sept/Oct 2018 Davey Bulletin.