4 Easy Ways to Generate Leads for Your Tree Care Business

Editor’s Note: This blog post was authored by David Fitch, owner of Tree Services Sacramento.

What do you think of when you think of advertising? The truth is some people’s idea of advertising is outdated; in today’s world, Google is the new Yellow Pages. According to research done by ComScore, there are over 6 billion local business searches every month on Google.

What does this mean for tree care business owners?  It’s simple: there is a tremendous opportunity for  your business to generate leads if it is found on the top of Google’s search engine results. This is where most people look when trying to hire a service based company.

In every major metropolitan city there are thousands of searches per month for different keywords related to the tree care industry.  In my local market there are 590 people per month on average searching Google for the term Tree Services Sacramento alone.  Potential customers in every area are searching Google using words like: tree services (city name), tree removal (city name), tree trimming (city name), etc. If you’re not near the top of the page on Google’s search engine results for the terms then your company is loosing business to your competitors.  Use Google’s Keyword Planner, found here, to estimate the number of potential customers who are seeking the services you offer. Click here to see a video tutorial on how to do so.

Here are four additional tips you can use to improve your Google Search ranking:

#1 Get on Google My Business

First things first: to be ranked on Google, they have to know you exist. You must create or claim your Google My Business profile if you haven’t already. Click here to see a how to video.

#2 Optimize Local Google Business Page

Now that you have an account you want to completely fill out all of the information. You will see a completion percentage on the top of your Google My Business dashboard throughout the way.   A lot of businesses don’t do this and it hurts their overall rankings on Google.  For the best results, add all of the pictures that you can. 

This Google My Business profile is only 70% complete, and must be 100% complete to increase their Google rankings.

#3 Get Google Reviews

After every job have an employee follow up with your customers and ask them how they would rank their experience.  If they have something positive to say, ask them to leave a review on your Google for Business profile page.  This is one of the easiest ways to increase your ranking immediately. You can send a link to your customers where they can write a review. To find your business Google Plus page where your customers can write a review, simple do a Google search with the following: (your business name) + Google Plus.   Once you find your page. you will see a place to write a review for your business.  It will look like this.

#4 Add Citations

A citation is a business listing mentioned on a website like Yelp.com, Yellowpages.com, Citysearch.com, etc.  Having your business name, address and phone number listed on hundreds of citation websites can dramatically improve your Google Search ranking.  It can be very time consuming to add your business to these sites manually, so consider outsourcing this work.  Sites such as fiverr.com, for example, allow you to hire contractors that will manually add your information to two hundred different websites for under $100.  Go to site fiverr.com, register and search for business citations.  Find a company that will create citations for you at a reasonable rate.


Getting your tree care business to rank in Google Search is not always an easy task. Each city has different levels of competitiveness, and there are never any promises that your website will have number one rankings due to the ever growing and changing of the Google’s algorithms. However, if you do the things mentioned above, I can tell you that the tree service market online is one of the easiest industries to rank high for. I’m very confident that following the above steps will have you ranked in the top three on Google in most markets and will help you grow and expand your business into the modern world.

About the Author

David Fitch is an entrepreneur and the owner of Tree Services Sacramento. With two other businesses under his belt, that he personally ranked number one on Google for high volume keywords, he has built his company’s lead generation based on Google’s market for local business searches.