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TCIA Accreditation is a third-party consumer confidence verification program administered by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) – American’s oldest and most respected tree care trade association. TCIA Accreditation is built on the threefold foundation of ethics, quality and consumer confidence.

Proper care of trees is necessary. Trees raise the quality of life, increase property values, clean the air, provide shade and conserve energy, and more. Plus, neglecting trees can be costly and dangerous.

TCIA is dedicated to helping homeowners and municipalities learn more about proper tree care and why it is imperative to hire reputable tree care companies who use proper tree care techniques.

But how can potential clients differentiate between the numerous contractors bidding for a job? How can you convey your professionalism and win the job?

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How TCIA Accreditation Removes the Guesswork:

TCIA Accreditation is a voluntary program that credentials companies which meet stringent criteria for professionalism, employee training, state and federal safety regulations, business ethics and customer satisfaction.

Under the process, businesses undergo an extensive review and a comprehensive audit of professional and business practices aimed at safeguarding consumers.

Accreditation is the only business practices and compliance program for tree care companies in America. Companies accredited by TCIA are required to provide documented proof in many areas that protect consumers.

Companies Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association adhere to the highest standard of professionalism; they are inspected and qualified for:

  • Adherence to the  TCIA Code of Ethics and best business practices
  • Employing formally trained, skilled personnel
  • Meeting industry standards for quality performance and safety
  • Providing industry-standard written estimates
  • Customer satisfaction, including following a dispute resolution process
  • Carrying sufficient insurance coverage
  • Employing certified arborists

When customers hire an accredited tree care company, they can rest assured that TCIA has checked for proper insurance, applicable business and pesticide licenses, and customer service that is reliable and ethical. Encourage your clients to make an informed decision – choose a company with the TCIA Accreditation "seal of approval."

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