Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award

The Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award is named after an industry leader who, along with her husband Bob, helped run this Association without any staff – just volunteers. Since the retirement of Pat Felix in 2001, TCIA has helped carry on her legacy of hard work and dedication with this Award, which is presented annually to a TCIA member volunteer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a volunteer.

Nominations for the Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award are made by the President and the Board of Directors of the TCIA. The recipient(s) are honored at TCIA’s annual Winter Management Conference.

Current winner

Dave Scharfenberger, President of Wachtel Tree Science and Service
Presented at Winter Management Conference in February 2015

The Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to a TCIA member volunteer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a volunteer, committing a great deal of time and effort toward the success of TCIA and what it offers members.

Volunteering is something many do but few talk about it because the last thing they want is recognition. Quiet volunteers are defined by a genuine modesty. They usually don’t feel they have done anything exceptional, and often think that others who have done more are the ones who should be honored.

This year’s award serves to call attention to one of the most active participants in our Mentor Program. Our mentors are volunteers giving of their time to help TCIA members along the path of progress.

TCIA’s mentor program has evolved from the former group of business advisors to serve members wanting to tap into the experience and advice of fellow members. Dedicated members volunteer to share their skills and successes as mentors in order to help out their peers seeking direction, whether on a new revenue stream or staff management strategy. In today’s environment, this type of help is important and contributes another value element to TCIA membership.

Our Volunteer Award recipient this year is believer that a rising tide will lift all boats, offering his expertise willingly in the areas of business development, finance, safety training and positioning one’s business for Accreditation. This mentor leads a 25-year TCIA member company in the Midwest. He has never turned down a request to offer advice and assistance to another TCIA member. Please help us recognize Dave Scharfenberger, President of Wachtel Tree Science and Service, with the 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award.

Past winners

  • 2014 Peter Becker
  • 2013 Sandy Clark
  • 2012 Ron Keith, Arbor Master Tree & Lawn
  • 2011 Joe Bones, Bartlett, and Dane Buell, SavATree
  • 2010 Greg Ina, Davey Tree
  • 2009 Tim Johnson
  • 2008 Mark Shipp, Ogilvy, Hill
  • 2007 Lyle  Feilmeier, Collier Arbor Care
  • 2006 Paul Markworth, Wachtel
  • 2005 CTSP Task Force: Steve Chisholm, TCIA Safety Committee Chair and President of Aspen Tree Expert Company in Jackson, NJ; Paul Cyr, Retired OSHA official in the US Department of Labor; and a long-time friend of the tree care industry; Dr. John Ball from South Dakota State University; one of our  industry’s renowned safety researchers; Lyle Feilmeier, Manager at Collier Arbor Care in Clackamas, OR; Keith Sheriff, Director of Safety, Education, Training from Wright Tree Service in Des Moines, IA; Erich Schneider, President, Schneider Tree Service in Taylors, SC
  • 2004 Accreditation Council: Michael Galvin, Andy Ross, Anne Baldwin, Eugene Critter, Fred Johnson, Joe Engberg, and John Ball
  • 2003 Joe Tommasi
  • 2002 David G. Marren
  • 2001 George Klinger