Advancing Arboriculture Award

The "Advancing Arboriculture Award" was created as a partner to the "Legislator of the Year Award" to provide TCIA with another avenue to recognize support for our issues beyond an award from our political action committee.

This award is given to a governmental agency, institution or green industry partner, that has worked to advance legislation, regulation or practices favorable to the tree care industry.

Nominations for the Advancing Arboriculture Award are made by the TCIA staff and the Board of Directors of the TCIA. The recipient is honored at TCIA’s annual Winter Management Conference.

Current winner

2015 Advancing Arboriculture Award

Advancing Arboriculture Award bestowed on Sharon Lilly

Text of the presentation by Jack Guffey, outgoing TCIA Board chair, at Winter Management Conference in Grand Cayman in February.

The “Advancing Arboriculture Award” is given to a governmental agency, institution or green industry partner who has worked to advance legislation, regulation or practices favorable to the tree care industry. This year, we’d like to honor someone whose contributions to advancing arboriculture are unlikely to be matched anytime soon. Before we ask her to come up here, allow me to briefly describe this year’s recipient’s accomplishments.

The director of educational goods and services at the International Society of Arboriculture, her many efforts to advance regulation and practices favorable to the tree care industry include service as secretary of the ANSI Z133 Arboricultural Safety Standard, a past president of ISA and former chair of the ISA Certification Board.

She has more than 25 years’ experience in the commercial sector as a climber and tree service owner, and has also taught arboriculture at the college level. She is the author of several popular books, including the ISA Arborist Certification Study Guide, The Tree Climbers’ Guide, The Tree Worker’s Manual, and Managing Golf Course Trees, as well as countless articles, workbooks and other publications.

She has been instrumental in directing and producing many arborist training videos including the ArborMaster Training Series, The Art and Science of Practical Rigging, The Legends of Arboriculture, and in conjunction with TCIA – Basic Training for Tree Climbers.

Her ISA activities have helped advance the industry, particularly safety, and she has also contributed to important TCIA projects and initiatives. She was a strong and early supporter of the ISA’s contribution and involvement in ASTI. In fact, she helped plan the first ASTI-funded workshop at the International Tree Climbing Championship last March in Florida.

She has served on TCIA’s A300 Committee as the alternate representative since 2000. During that time she served on subgroups to help develop or revise the Part 1 Pruning standard, Part 3 Support Systems standard, Part 4 Lightning Protection Systems standard, Part 9 Tree Risk Assessment standard, and Part 10 IPM standard.

She also acted as liaison between A300 standards and ISA best management practices, helping to keep the best practices and standards harmonious.
She has also been a Privileged Member of TCIA since 1997.

Past winners

  • 2014 Laura Styles and her co-workers Hank Cierpich, James Rogge, Egils Kronlins and Robert Harrison
  • 2013 Sandy Clark, Village of Mount Prospect, Illinois
  • 2012 Keith Cline, USDA Forest Service
  • 2011 Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition
  • 2010 Connie O’Neill, Joe Barela and William Lykes with MIOSHA’s Consultation Education and Training (CET) Division
  • 2009 Jay Withrow, Director of VOSH Office of Legal Support
  • 2008 Michael Galvin, State of Maryland
  • 2007 George Hauptman and Cal-OSHA
  • 2006 John Meredith, Vice President of Government Relations for The Federation of Employers and Workers of America (FEWA)