Student Career Days Tree Care Skills Competition 2018


Each year at TCI EXPO, the Tree Care Industry Foundation hosts the Student Career Days (SCD) Tree Care Skills Competition. This year’s competition will take place Friday, November 9 at the Mahlon Adams Pavilion in Freedom Park (2435 Cumberland Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28203).

Here’s how the competition works:

Collegiate/Vocational Challenges
The competition is open to students at collegiate and vocational schools.

It is further broken down between male and female competitors.

Student Career Days tree care skills competition participants
Student Career Days work climb competition

Work Climb
measures overall climbing proficiency

Contestant climbs to stations throughout the canopy, ringing a bell to signal completion. For each station, judges can award points for control of movement, rope control and use of safety procedures and equipment, with bonus points for posture, balance, efficiency and style.

Belayed Scramble
measures climber’s speed to the top

Contestant climbs a pre-installed rope along a pre-determined route into the tree and rings a bell when they reach the top. A technician belays without providing assistance.

Student Career Days belayed scramble competition
Student Career Days safety gear check competition

Safety Gear Check
tests ability to distinguish between safe and unsafe climbing gear and personal protective equipment (PPE)

Contestants rotate through stations during this timed event. At each station, they inspect the equipment and decide if it is fit for use. If the answer is “no,” they are asked to describe the defect.

Prizes and Bragging Rights
Winning students and schools are honored on stage in the Tree Demo area on the TCI EXPO show floor.

Awards are generously provided by STIHL.

Student Career Days competition winner

The competition in 2018 is steep. Will you be a first-time competitor or defending your title this year? Check out scores from last year's winners.

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