Employer Tips from Monster Tree Service

SCD attendees at the job fair

Looking for tips to help you navigate your job search? Well… we have info direct from the source!

Thomas Armstrong, president of business development at Monster Tree Service, was kind enough to take a few minutes and spill the beans about what he’s looking for in a candidate, as well as share a bit about his experience in the industry.

Can you share one story from your first few years in the tree care industry?
Going on my first storm-damage call and seeing a mature, healthy and large sycamore that had landed on a house made me realize the importance of proactive tree pruning!

What do you look for when hiring? How can students stand out?
I’m always looking for candidates with a willingness to learn, desire to succeed and a great attitude. If you have these things, let’s have a conversation!

What is your best tip for students when they begin their first job (or internship)?
I recommend that you ask a lot of questions – it’s a great way to learn. I also suggest paying attention to your environment – you never know what you’ll pick up along the way.

As a partner, why do you believe SCD is an important event to support?
SCD is a great opportunity to connect with numerous students from various schools at one time and have an excellent, shared experience!

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