Employer Tips from Bartlett

SCD attendees at the job fair

Looking for tips to help you navigate your job search? Well… we have info direct from the source!

Liza Holmes, research technician and manager of the intern program at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories with Bartlett Tree Experts was kind enough to take a few minutes and spill the beans about what she’s looking for in a candidate, as well as share a bit about her experience in the industry.

Can you share one story from your first few years in the tree care industry?

One of the highlights from my first few years in the field of tree care was speaking with a young woman in middle school who had come to the lab on a field trip to learn about the research we do and the work we do as a tree care company. Seeing her eyes light up when she saw me, as a fellow female, working as a scientist in the field, making a good living, and loving what I do opened her eyes to an avenue of potential career paths that she was unaware of before that. It was humbling and inspiring!

What do you look for when hiring? How can students stand out?

Personally, I look for people who are passionate about learning, who carry themselves well in life in the way that they treat themselves and others, and because I work in the area of research, I look very specifically for people who are detail orientated. Many aspects of arboriculture can be taught to someone willing to learn, but life skills such as courtesy, respect for self and others, a sense of responsibility, and the ability to be genuine are things that stand out to me when I am interviewing.

What is your best tip for students when they begin their first job (or internship)?

Greet newness and change with open arms and an open heart – new people, new ideas, new ways of thinking and doing things. Strive to see things from a different perspective and be willing to learn and grow.

As a partner, why do you believe SCD is an important event to support?
SCD is an incredible event because it offers young people the opportunity to experience, from many different aspects, what it’s like to work in and be a part of the tree care industry. The opportunity to see, meet, and speak with professionals in the field is also invaluable.

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