Accident Briefs

accident briefsEach month in TCI Magazine, TCIA runs a summary of "Accident Briefs," which are taken from published reports or are reported directly to TCIA staff.

Most incidents will have enough information and photos or videos to facilitate safety discussions with employees. Some may only be a notification of fatality with limited details, but will help to remind employees of how critical safety is in the tree care industry, and that accidents can happen to anyone - even seasoned employees.

TCIA asks that you take time to review the incidents below and consider using it as a basis for, or incorporation into, a tailgate safety meeting.

Call us directly at 1-800-733-2622 if you are not sure how to use this information for safety training or want to learn about TCIA's safety training programs.

You can also register to receive our Fatality & Near Miss Rescue Alerts. This email alert is sent most Monday mornings and includes a list of fatality and accident incidents that are directly related to commercial tree care. The summaries (and links) in this email are intended to help you facilitate safety awareness and training. Sign up now

Ten years of TCI Magazine Accident Briefs are Now Searchable in Word and PDF Format - (PDF | DOC)